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Related article: Date: Tuesday, April 8, 2003 06th 58th EDT 02 From: XBeatBoxxinGenoX aol. com Subject: Being Justified2 disclaimer: This story is a complete work of fiction. I do not know any of the above celebrities. Do not like relationships male / male, get out right now. If you are under age, you must also leave. This story may contain o adult content ( if not... always read yet). Thank you. Program information : ~ n u003c ---- Those who say they talk to me. " u003c ---- This show talks about Justin. ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ CHAPTER TWO ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ I had to admit that myself, this guy was pretty... hot. was built perfectly, beautiful eyes... and a good personality. for some reason, seemed very, very family, and always thought I knew some party. was so nervous over gathered at someone's house. Especially someone who had only a little. He had told me earlier in the day after dinner we see some movies. I had been watching a movie in a while. I bathed, I dressand watch TV for a while, until it was time for dinner. We exchanged phone numbers before leaving, he called, and had been ready at that time food. was flipping through the channels and Bbs Lola decided to watch MTV. They were videos of the screen in time and that was my favorite. Eminem's new video "Sing at the moment. " After this video was over, I went to switch Channel... I saw... Justin. I looked at the lower left corner - the screen... and certainly in my eyes, I saw his name. Justin Timberlake. I gave me a pat on the head. ~ DOH ! That's what it's called. ~ * phone rings * * PHONE * ANSWERS ~ ~ Hello " H- hey... it's me, Justin. Um, the food is ready. I mean... is ready to eat. I hope you like action movies too. " ~ Yes, of course. What you rent very well with me. See you there in the is a few minutes. K? ~ I can say I was nervous about me going home FOr dinner. However, I do not know why. wok! I had spaghetti and meatballs. Do you agree with you? " ~ That's fine for me. See you there in minutes. Bye. ~ " OK. Bye. " I got home as fast as I thought. I went to his driveway, approached the front door... and ring the doorbell rang. Waited, for a few seconds, then the door opened. n "HEY! Let inch at home. I am about the food on the table n. " ~ All right. This is a beautiful house we have here. Really " homey ". ~ " Thank you. I worked really hard to get where I am today. " I went to the kitchen where Justin was. I was not looking, and turned a little black pepper. We both went to get it, and we met with the heads. we looked deeply into my eyes and slowly came to our senses. ~ I'm sorry. I was not watching where he went. that God does, sorry. ~ "OK. No big deal. Let's get some food now. " went into the dining roomand sat at the large glass table. food was pretty good for Bbs Lola a person who is alone. Only a single man. After dinner, said in Bbs Lola a movie, the movie " Knockaround Guys " was. with Vin Diesel, Barry Pepper, John Malkovich, Dennis Hopper and Seth Green. that both sat on the same couch. He sat on one side and I was sitting in another. In a half hour film Justin begins to move toward me. Notice I did not mean s, but I could not notice? Another 15 minutes passed, and at the same time that the 15 minutes... he managed his way to work only about a foot away from me. I wanted to make a move or something, so I put my hand on his thighs and began rubbing and massaging. He took this Fubu " jogging - Suit" and it was pretty easy to see his erection. When I started my journey in his inner thigh, began to breathe heavier. I s has enough to go to him and give him a long passionate built kiss... TBC ~ * ~ Bbs Lola * ~ * ~ THE END OF CHAPTER TWO ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Hey Yall! itme again... Do not have sex in it. But I guarantee, no s is added to the next race. Yall sent me some comments and suggestions on hold. I think I'm a lil confused in the first chapter... but... in learning as I go. XBeatBoxxinGenoX IM me on AOL. Fainx !
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